TRANSMANGO  aims to obtain a comprehensive picture of the effects of the global drivers of change on European and global food demand and on raw material production. The research focuses on the vulnerability and resilience of European food systems in a context of socio-economic, behavioral, technological, institutional and agro-ecological change and aims to enhance understanding of the new challenges and opportunities that the food sector will face in the future.

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12/03/2018: Watch the TRANSMANGO game jam tour video
03/12/2017: Newsletter nr. 7 - 2017 online
14/08/2017: Registration for the final TRANSMANGO conference is now open
12/06/2017: The consortium published a summary of their conceptual framework

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The need for a conceptual framework underpinning the creation of resilient food systems comes from the awareness that the huge literature on food and nutrition security (FNS) presents a variety of approaches and terminologies that need to be selected and prioritised in order to generate an effective empirical research. The analysis we have carried out and the selection of themes and approaches we have made have been driven by the following questions: Is there the possibility of having a common frame for FNS in high-income and low-income countries, taking into account that our research is mainly focused on Europe? What is the connection between FNS and food poverty? When considering vulnerability, how to associate system vulnerability to people’s vulnerability, taking into account the diversity of interests among societal groups? How to deal with micro-macro relations, for instance between global FNS and local and regional FNS?

12/06/2017: TRANSMANGO Newsletter 6 – June 2017

TRANSMANGO Newsletter 6 – June 2017​: download

09/11/2016: Newsletter nr. 5 - 2016 online
08/09/2016: The TRANSMANGO consortium meets on the 8th and 9th of September in Riga (Latvia) for its sixth project meeting

The TRANSMANGO consortium meets on the 8th and 9th of September in Riga (Latvia) for its sixth project meeting

27/07/2016: TRANSMANGO output is now updated

The TRANSMANGO output is now updated on our website. You find our latest presentations and first published peer-reviewed articles here (

22/02/2016: TRANSMANGO consortium Laxenburg (Austria)
  • The TRANSMANGO consortium meets on 22nd and 23rd February in Laxenburg (Austria). The EEAB is invited to this fifth project meeting. The members of the EEAB are Nicoletta Dentico, Birgit Kopainsky, Mike Gibney, Carl Folke, Alan Matthews, Karen Cooper, Alexandre Meybeck, John Thompson and Claire Marris

16/02/2016: In the framework of WP2, the TRANSMANGO consortium finalized two reports

In the framework of WP2, the TRANSMANGO consortium finalized two reports: (1) Report on EU meanings and controversies of FNS and vulnerabilities in Europe and (2) NxM matrix on the multidimensionality of vulnerabilities and their drivers.

16/02/2016: A report on the analysis of current use of future methodology in EU food policy is now online
08/11/2015: Working paper on Fuzzy Cognitive Maps is now available'

Helfgott, A., Lord S., Bean, N., Wildenberg, M., Gray S., Vervoort, J., Kok, K. & Ingram, J., Working paper on Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (published 1st of August 2015)

27/09/2015: Terry Marsden: Opinion Paper
10/09/2015: The TRANSMANGO consortium had a successful EU workshop on scenario on the 10th of September 2015 in Leuven, with over 40 EU level experts
29/07/2015: Newsletter 3, July 2015 online
13/05/2015: The TRANSMANGO consortium organizes a scenario building workshop with EU experts on the 10th of September in Brussels

The TRANSMANGO consortium

13/05/2015: TRANSMANGO will be represented on the 2nd international conference on agriculture in an urbanizing society in Rome
13/05/2015: National media reports of TRANSMANGO are now available on our website
18/03/2015: Newsletter 2, February 2015 online
26/02/2015: Project Meeting

The Third project meeting of TRANSMANGO takes place on the 26th and 27th of Februari 2015 at Cardiff University   

22/02/2015: Training on scenario workshops
  • TRANSMANGO Consortium organizes an internal training on scenario workshops and transition pathways, 22-25th of Februari 2015, University of Cardiff. The training is lead by Kapser Kok (Wageningen University) and Joost Vervoort and Ariella Helfgott (Oxford University)
Students from SciencesPo involved in TRANSMANGO

The TRANSMANGO - SCIENCES PO Capstone team is a group of public affairs graduate students with diverse professional background from around the world. They are interested in analyzing and understanding the factors that contribute to the successful design and implementation of policies. The capstone project aims to analyze the links between futures exercises and policy as regards to Food and Nutrition Security [FNS] in Europe. Through case study analysis, it will provide the tools needed by experts and policy-makers to bridge the gap between information and policy to secure access to food for all Europeans, now and in the future.

As part of TRANSMANGO’s Work Package 3.1, the capstone team created a database of national and European level FNS futures exercises in the 10 EU TRANSMANGO partner countries. This included designing a structure for classification.

Currently, they are conducting in-depth analyses in Finland and Ireland, examining two parallel processes: ‘scenario up’ and ‘policy down.’ Scenario up assesses the impacts of specific futures exercises, while policy down looks at a national FNS policy in each country and traces back from its passage to find potential influences of futures methods.

Master of Public Affairs Candidates 2015 at Sciences Po Paris

Andrea ARTEAGA, Peru


Mmachukwu OYEKA, Nigeria

Dimas RAMADHANI, Indonesia

Pamela TORRES, Ecuador


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This project is granted by the EU under 7th Framework Programme, theme KBBE.2013.2.5-01 (Assessment of the impact of global drivers of change on Europe's food security), Grant agreement no: 613532